It is Only a Matter of Time and Space

The art of image-making since the invention of the camera obscura has changed drastically. Through digital manipulation and physical experimentation in texture, colour and shape, image-making can no longer be constrained to just the lens. This collection features work by artists who have gone beyond the lens to create their images.

Untitled 02, Zongzhe Cai, 3rd Year Photography

Tagish, YT, Samantha Ruddy, 3rd Year Integrated Digital

Body Cyanotype, Gabrielle Tyrie, 4th Year Photography

Midnight, Andrew Scott, 3rd Year Integrated Digital

with a stroke of paint, Abygail de Leon, 3rd Year Photography

Grandma’s Flowers, Jennifer Qu, 3rd Year Photography

Senescence no. 10, Kelsey Myler, 3rd Year Photography

My Body, A Vessel, Andy Nguyen, 1st Year Film Studies

Untitled 1, Anna Neamtzu, 2nd Year Photography

Bookhead, Daniel Yuan, 2nd Year Photography


From Above 3, Morgan Gerard, 3rd Year Photography

Paid Parentship 4, Nick Garel-Jones, 4th Year Integrated Digital

ELEMENTS, Tenzin Dorjé, 2nd Year Photography

Floating Down, Guinevere Macleod, 3rd Year Integrated Digital

Flashbacks from Sleep Paralysis, Peyton Mott, 2nd Year Photography