So Long, Forever

These images create a sense of wonder, of otherworldly belonging and nostalgia. Finding a photograph that transports you to another world, or even back in time to a moment from your own life, is a special thing, and these images capture that.

tina and ivan, Andy Nguyen, 1st Year Film

Untitled 2 from Playing with My Beside Lamp, Andrew Donnelly, 4th Year Photography

Around the Clock, Maria Sofia Guevara, 4th Year Photography

Mariah and Jacob 05, Hunter McNeil, 3rd Year Photography

CHILDHOOD/HOME 4, Andrew Peters, 4th Year Integrated Digital

Second Life with Emily, Connor Borisenko, 4th Year Photography

Late September Love, Bronwyn Demers, 4th Year Photography

Sleepless Self, Kai Kuelz, 1st Year Photography

Wellington Street with the Post Office, Zongzhe Cai, 3rd Year Photography

Maybe by Next August, Caeden Wigston, 3rd Year Photography

Bad Religion, Olivia Graham, 1st Year Photography

Floret, Abygail de Leon, 3rd Year Photography

Barren City, Heyang Qiu and Birintan Mohanraj, 4th Year Integrated Digital

God is Woman, Patricia Daszkowski, 4th Year Photography

Peachy, Angie Guo, 3rd Year Film