Maximum Exposure is the annual capstone exhibition for Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts, home to the country largest and oldest photography program. The online exhibition features innovative work by 200+ emerging artists working in photography, video and digital media. In addition to the online exhibition, this year’s Max Ex will also include our first ever public art installation, an ambitious image wrap installed on the IMA building, located at the centre of the university’s campus at the corner of Gould and Bond.

Project and Operations Manager

Connor Borisenko

Connor Borisenko is a fourth year student about to graduate with a BFA in Photography Studies from Image Arts. Borisenko has had a long lasting interest in documentary photography, particularly using a film medium. This love for photographic practices, coupled with previous experience in curatorial activities within IMA, is was directed them to this role. Connor's leadership role has been largely present in the team's time management and overseeing day to day operations.

Creative and Curatorial Director

Bronwyn Demers

Bronwyn Demers is a photo-based artist living in Toronto, currently completing her BFA in Photography at Ryerson University. Working mainly with film, she focuses on her affinity for light, colour and how the two weave together to create memory-influenced images. Bronwyn's previous roles with the First Edition Book Show and Third Year Show have led her to her Creative and Curatorial Director position. Bronwyn's role consisted of the design and curation of Maximum Exposure 26's website and promotional material alongside her wonderful team.

Financial Coordinator

Samantha Jackson

Samantha Jackson is a soon-to-be graduate of Ryerson University with a BFA in Photography. Her detail-oriented nature and familiarity with on-campus funding bodies drew her to Maximum Exposure’s Financial Coordinator position. Over the past year, she has prepared pitches for funding, developed and maintained the project’s budget, and liaised with sponsors to solicit in-kind and financial donations. In addition, Samantha worked with Connor on Maximum Exposure’s first-ever public art installation.

Student Communications and Social Media Coordinator

Madison Bowman

Madison Bowman will be graduating this spring with a BFA in Photography Studies and will be moving onto completing a certificate in Public Relations. Her organization and interest in artistic marketing has led her to this position. Madison has been responsible for Maximum Exposure's promotional activities, as well as overseeing communications between students, faculty and management.