ROUGHER FILM FESTIVAL: Film and Digital Media

ROUGHER is a film and digital media festival showcasing the work of current Ryerson Image Arts students using new and experimental ideas within their creative practices. The selected works demonstrate the many mediums that Image Arts students are exploring including both analogue and digital film, web-based interactive design, virtual reality, and many other exciting modes of artistic expression. Organized by Riley Brown, Andrew Donnelly, Nick Garel-Jones, Dave Kemp and Alex Kurina

Darkroom Trailer

Andrew Peters, 4th Year Integrated Digital

The We Are Collection: Promo Video

Soraya Sachedina, 4th Year Integrated Digital

Hypnotized Love

Judith Baksay (Audio by Kyle Fraser), 4th Year Integrated Digital

You're Not Getting It

Nathan Makse, 1st Year Film


Kayleigh Higgins, 2nd Year Photography

Overgrowth Demo

Paul Lee, 3rd Year Integrated Digital

Ladies and Gentlemen the President of the United States

Fatemeh Saba Forouzan, 2nd Year Film

Daisy Bell

Renee Foy, 2nd Year Film

Moving Image

Patricia Daszkowski, 4th Year Photography

Paid Parentship

Nick Garel-Jones, 4th Year Integrated Digital

A Domestic Performance

Christina Oyawale, 3rd Year Photography

Be Positive by Suzie Sunshine

Marissa Bondi, 2nd Year Film

After Life Demo Trailer

Syd Simon, Sam Mohan, MJ Hart Jones, Cam D'andrade, 4th Year Integrated Digital


Kassy Gascho & Amreen Kullar, 3rd Year Film

Holistic Tarot

Angie Guo, 3rd Year Film

Listening Room

Shanelle Hulse, 3rd Year Integrated Digital


Andy Nguyen, 1st Year Film

In the Wind

Renee Foy, 1st Year Film Studies

Adventure Island Part 1:

Ethan Peacock, 4th Year Integrated Digital

Adventure Island Part 2

Ethan Peacock, 4th Year Integrated Digital