For When You Cannot Reduce the Silence

Silence is a powerful, loud thing. This collection captures just how deafening silence can often be and how that silence is there to demand your attention, your focus, your thoughts and your feelings.

Dissolve this Ache

This last year has left us all reeling, craving human connection, craving sunlight, craving understanding and affection. This collection of images showcases moments of solitude and isolation that we have all felt over the past year.

In the Dusk of Night or Early Morning

Whether artificial or natural, light plays a crucial role in the way we perceive photographs. The students whose work is in this collection have created images that capture the importance of this element.

It is Only a Matter of Time and Space

The art of image-making since the invention of the camera obscura has changed drastically. Through digital manipulation and physical experimentation in texture, colour and shape, image-making can no longer be constrained to just the lens. This collection features work by artists who have gone beyond the lens to create their images.

So Long, Forever

These images create a sense of wonder, of otherworldly belonging and nostalgia. Finding a photograph that transports you to another world, or even back in time to a moment from your own life, is a special thing, and these images capture that.