All of My Data Set, Teagan Lopes

All of my Dataset is an exploration in experimental image-making via AI. It questions the rise of digital media in the post-internet age. Using film, sound, and images, the series shows the great depth and range of what can be made using coding and new technologies. The series is an abstract representation of my archive, one that is fluid and adapting to the changes that are coming to be.

How we, as a culture, consume images in the era of social media is vastly different than how we did even ten years ago. Analogue practices are becoming less and less common as new technologies are created and become more accessible than traditional image-making processes. Endless scrolling and consuming has changed how the public sees photography. My curiosity in experimental image-making drew me towards expanding my understanding of new technologies in order to review my own archives. I set out to learn new skills by branching out to the latest tech: AI Image Processing. Using an open source AI, I uploaded my entire artistic archive to be processed, analyzed and amalgamated into new imagery.

Instagram: @teaganlopes