Current, Austin Waddell

Hydroelectricity is a form of energy which uses the power of moving water to generate electricity. As a country with an abundance of water, Canada is one of the top producers of hydroelectricity in the world. Current is a book documenting the hydroelectric infrastructure of central Canada, which includes the two provinces most rich in water, Ontario and Quebec. Over the course of several months, I travelled these massive provinces in search of hydro dams, generating stations, reservoirs, substations, transmission towers and other structures which would help to capture the extensiveness of Canada’s current infrastructure.

Current contains a variety of landscape and architectural images shot throughout Quebec and Ontario. Ranging from the remote corners of Radisson, Quebec, to the largest hydro generating facility in the world, the Sir Adam Beck No. 1 Generating Facility in southern Ontario which harnesses the immense power of the iconic Niagara Falls. Through capturing these images, I gained an enormous amount of respect and understanding of Canada’s electric infrastructure and the great lengths that energy travels before it powers our cities.

Instagram: @austin_waddell