I Am Nothing and So Are You, Connor Borisenko

I Am Nothing and So Are You is a body of work documenting my personal connection to Algonquin Park, Ontario. By looking at small pieces of the landscape and campsites, the images highlight little moments rather than focussing on a broader landscape. Combined with a collection of trail guides and polaroids taken within the park, the series creates a connection between the personal and a history which existed long before my occupation of it.
This series looks at the history of the landscape as formed before human intervention, and my connection to that history within the modern day. By taking a look at trail guides as this series was developing, I increasingly realized that natural spaces, which we as humans have now deemed worthy of protecting, have their own history unrelated to us. Rock formations created by lightning storms, river channels changed by weather patterns, bogs and stagnant bodies of water left behind by animal intervention; these are elements and events that helped form the landscape I now love to photograph. I believe it is important to be conscious of how we as humans fit into the landscape, not how the landscape should mold to suit our needs.
Photographing myself in these places is an attempt at documenting myself as part of a landscape I love, but I will always leave things behind, no matter how well-intentioned I am. My footprints cover other footprints, I use fallen trees and rocks as a resting place when I am tired. These are small remnants of myself but they exist nonetheless.

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