I Know Who I Am Not, Jordana Petruccelli

Personality, sexuality, thoughts, words, beliefs, actions, directions, and inner truths. Always shifting, always changing, this self-portrait series illustrates and evokes emotion through the use of movement, gesture, and form. Influenced by the work of American photographer Francesca Woodman, the series focuses on understanding my identity and documenting the evolution of self, moving from darkness to light through the process of growth and acceptance. The series asks questions without the need to provide answers and serves as a launchpad from which to continue this journey of self-acceptance and discovery. The path is uncertain. I don’t know who I am yet, but I know who I am not. I’ve arrived at this place, and wonder: where do I go from here?

Website: www.jordanastudios.pixieset.com
Instagram: @jordana.photographyyz