Lump, Kendall Stephenson

In the Neighbourhood, Digital offset, January 2021

Eggs on Toast, Digital offset, December 2020

Jam Drawer, Digital offset, February 2021

Habitual, Digital offset, December 2020

In March of 2020, at the onset of a global pandemic, my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. In trying to make sense of surreal change and the uncertainty of being between two places – my family home in Victoria and my apartment across the country in Toronto – I found myself examining fragility, memory, trace and loss. Through photographing my childhood home, familial moments and daily routine, I worked to depict the tension of this experience by contrasting mundane domestic scenes with sharp and visceral imagery.
Lump is a body of work that explores stream of consciousness through visual narrative in the emotional landscape of life disrupted. The project functioned as a distraction and confrontation in piecing together the fragments of an indescribable year.