Nonna, Francesca Sellitto

Nonna is a photographic series examining the themes of family, loss, and identity through taking photos of my nonna and various areas in her home. By examining the objects and places my nonna holds dear, this series creates a portrait of her as an individual and of my family history as a whole.

Growing up, I was close to my nonna; spending weekends at her house, helping her tend to the garden and pick flowers. Her house is a place of comfort for me and in a way I’ve looked at it as an extension of her. With the examples of family photos being displayed as well as various religious symbols, her house creates a representation of her identity. My nonna is essentially the glue of my extended family, she’s the one who brings us together. Through taking part in this project, I had the chance to look at my family history as well as the life of my nonna in an intimate way. After years of hearing stories about her life, this experience added more depth to those cherished stories and memories. I have also come to see more similarities between her and me, which is something that I will forever cherish.