Nurture and Nature, Grayden Kitsemetry

Transcendence, Oil in Canvas, Feb. 2021

Separatism, 35mm, August 2020

Connectivity, Oil on Canvas, March 2021

Dualism, 35mm, January 2021

In exploring various philosophies, concepts of metaphysics and aspects of neuroscience, Nurture and Nature aims to highlight some discrepancies between the nature of reality and our limited perception of it. The series consists of eleven images, including five diptychs, which utilize photographic imagery to showcase the confined perspective of the cerebral cortex, and canvas oil paintings to symbolize that which lies beyond.
Composed in narrative form, Nurture and Nature follows an individual journey of awakening. It is presented with the hopes that upon reconciliation of our futile understandings, we may be a little less concerned with having, and more so with being.