Sequencing, Andrew Donnelly

After having my genome sequenced, I was bombarded by existential thoughts as a slew of digits representing my physical being were displayed upon my computer screen. The experience forced me to rethink what being human meant, and whether or not my genomic data was an accurate definition of my entire being. This led me to wonder about the parts of myself that the data could not explain. What was missing from the numbers? This series springs from an existential dread fueled by a string of numbers that define my physical essence. Pursuing the justification of my existence beyond those numbers, I am working to rationalize a balance between human physicality and lived experience to end in some type of answer, although I knew one may never come. My “conclusion” is an attempt to define the undefinable, in the philosophical tradition of human curiosity demanding answers, even when an answer may not be understandable or even exist.

Instagram: @andrewdnly