Stained Spoon, Jessica Rondeau

Stained Spoon began as a re-examination of the family archive, which then provoked various conversations revolving around perceptions of cultural identity. The subjectivity embedded within the family archive depicts the ways in which individuals perceive memory as well as identity; It creates a link between past, present and future, and allows stories to echo throughout generations.

Stained Spoon explores aspects of cultural and communicative memory to navigate Anglo-Indian identity through a sequence of staged images, ambient sounds, recorded conversations and the family archive situated throughout the series. With the intent to unpack questions about the formation of Anglo-Indian culture, each component of the series serves to articulate my exploration and observation during this intimate process. The audio recordings combined with both archival and staged photographs allow for sensorial experiences within the space, while also providing insight on some of their hardships, privileges and perspectives.

Instagram: @jessrondeau