The Barren Farmer, Meagan Dickie

The Barren Farmer is a direct response to perception and abstract documentation surrounding the natural environment of the West coast. The flesh of the project relies on the interaction between the physical ecosystem of Vancouver Island and the manipulation of imagery. By deconstructing and reconstructing the photos, I uncover what parts of the environment to which I feel connected. Without access to the environment, I would be like a barren farmer with little to harvest. These spaces nurture spirit and perpetuate creative abundance.
The images are manipulated by scratching the photographic print, folding it, crumpling it into a ball, spilling water on it, boiling the undeveloped film in tea, painting on the print, and collecting pieces of the environment to compliment the images. Warping the landscape is a dialogue to articulate how psychologically I was altered while photographing the landscape.

Instagram: @meagandickie