The Oldest Piece of Light: Space, Time and Photography, Gabrielle Tyrie

I’m looking to capture the oldest piece of light. As you look at the night’s sky you see stars as they were rather than as they are. Photons travel years, decades centuries to reach us and we get to see an illusion of the present. As I plan to gaze back in time; ideas of history, photography and astronomy begin to blend together. A lens is a lens weather telescope or telephoto. My guide is John Herchel. A polymath, an astronomer and the inventor of the photographic blueprint. To begin, I dive into the hared history of astronomy and photography, searching for the oldest piece of visible light. And once I get there, I’m curious about what awaits me beyond. Along my journey, I photograph V672, a star 16,000 lightyears away and the Andromeda Galaxy, 2.5 million lightyears away. As I contemplate ideas of time I began to question my own reality. This leads me to finish the work by creating a series of celestography. Which are photographic imagined visualisations of our universe.

Instagram: @gabrielletyrie