Chi Yang


We live in an age where technology has connected us like never before; yet, our individuality has faded slowly into the city lights. I started to think about what makes each of us an individual?

What are the elements that sculpt who we are? I reflected on my aesthetic influences as a kid. I remember I was fascinated by the traditional Chinese clothing, and the only way for me to access that was through television. As I grow older, society has grown too, and there are more social platforms than ever. I decided to create a visual series of new Chinese couture images to introduce my favourite aesthetic to the viewers.

I partnered up with GiGi Wang, who is a Toronto- based Chinese designer. GiGi and I share many commonalities. We were both born in China but moved to Canada. Both Western and Eastern cultures have influenced us, and that made us who we are today. Being a visual artist, I want to share my views with the world through my media, but the best part of sharing my perspective is connecting with viewers and other artists who share the same perspective in developing a cross-cultural identity.

Yang is a Toronto-based freelance photographer working within the field of visual aesthetics, bringing refined design sensibilities to light through the image. Throughout their professional studies, Yang has built a strong work ethic and formal practice in the photographic field, bringing a full range of crucial practical skills sets, from creative concept to set design, styling, makeup, and hair to post-production.