Tyler Da Silva

Counterfeit Homoerotica

Counterfeit Homoerotica is a series about my ever-growing love for queer homoerotic photography made between the 50s and 80s. Showcasing the styles of great artists such as Bob Mizer, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Tom of Finland, as well as more contemporary artists such as Regine David and Eber Figueira.

Yet, I have a personal struggle of trying to see myself or relate to the people within the images. I decided to use this as an opportunity to photograph myself, and showcase the awkwardness that comes with trying to fit within the archetypes typically photographed in homoerotic work. I’ve decided to take a simple approach, and create the images within one small corner of my home. I recreated various posing and lighting techniques inspired by the great artists mentioned above by truly trying to place someone who wouldn’t traditionally be seen in these images, within them.

Toronto-based queer photographer, Tyler Da Silva, specializes in fine-art fashion photography, exploring the ever-flourishing worlds of fashion and art, and creating new means of exploring photography. Tyler’s work often depicts or references gender studies and the diversely creative queer community. Exploring topics of gender fluidity and questioning societal norms. He draws inspiration from personal experiences and struggles to develop strategies to break boundaries within his photography and comfort zone.