Sofia Sartor


I documented the fundamental transition period between being a young girl on the cusp of adolescence and really exacerbated elements of interest and association.

This body of work is a portrait series that explores growing up from the female perspective while simultaneously holding on to the things that make us young and childish.

Depicting an awkwardly framed, baby faced thirteen-year-old girl named Emma, I incorporated nostalgic sentiments that I heavily related to from my childhood that are quite universal, in the hopes of creating a point of access for the viewer.

This is visible from her facial features, subtly taking more womanly forms, her small hunched posture, and her self-applied minimal makeup. Bubbles, stickers, the colour pink, things we all subconsciously relate to children, are explored within each portrait. Emma embodies the essence of transitioning out of youth, but still on the cusp.

Sofia Sartor is a photo-based artist residing in Toronto, Canada. Throughout Sofia’s time at Ryerson, she has been exposed to many different practices and has found herself gravitating towards commercial and editorial photography. In addition to photography studies, Sofia is currently pursuing a double minor in politics and communication design from Ryerson University.