Carly Ramsay

As the world remains unsettled, I’ve seen how I view myself and how others change. With an abundance of time and little certainty, I’ve ceased looking to the future and started living both in the moment and in my head. I began to explore outdoor spaces still being frequented during lockdowns in order to observe others.

Humans of Kensington

In particular, I chose the vibrant Kensington Market area. I brought along my Nikon FM, loaded with Kodak Portra, as I wanted a 1970s snapshot look. As I looked through the lens and took note of the subjects, I realized that they were not isolated or living in their heads. This series gave me a feeling of renewal.

From conversations with shopkeepers, customers and those out for strolls, I found that most residents do all of their shopping in the market. Due to COVID-19, many said that they have gone weeks without leaving the area as it provides everything that they need, including, compassionate human interaction—even if masked and at a safe distance. Most importantly, I found that being part of a tight community gently rattles you out of your own mental fog.

Carly grew up in a small town outside of Toronto with one foot in art and the other in athletics. While preparing for piano exams and attending art camps, she was also skating and running at the provincial level. Aiming to study politics and become a lawyer, Carly realized she didn’t want that life so she enrolled in Photography at Ryerson. Carly loves all aspects of photography, especially being on the streets taking documentary shots.