Deion Squires-Rouse

Manipulate: Me

Creating in this new world is proving to be a difficult task. Beyond the physical boundaries and restrictions, there has been a weight, or an aura or some other unnameable force, acting as a roadblock between me and the art that I, so desperately desire to make.

High concept and high production work are unreachable bastions of a mode of production that does not feel attainable anymore. I had no choice but to select one image and then abandon the camera, my most reliable companion. From that point I would, for lack of a better word, play around with the image. I gave myself no restrictions, seeing as I am already living with a multitude of them, to alter the image taken, leaving the possibility for digital and physical manipulation open.

The culmination of these rules and lack thereof, was five clones, making six completely individual images. By distorting reality in this way, by twisting, reshaping and creating layers of meaning, I am raising ambiguous questions about the nature of being, and representation.

Deion Squires-Rouse is a Scarborough-born visual artist. Working with lens-based media, his work communicates the link between the physical world and emotional consciousness, oftentimes drawing upon contemporary themes to incite a connection with his viewers. He is heavily influenced by diverse scenes of Toronto culture, fashion and his experiences as a young queer person of colour. In future, he hopes to spread a message of liberating personal expression.