Lianna Turone

My Mother's Days

My Mother’s Day is a documentary-style exploration of the day-to-day actions of my mother, who spends most of the day in her reclining chair, in which she also sleeps, goes on her iPod, and makes herself a coffee.

I really wanted to document the simplicity of my mother’s life by taking a low-key approach with the images. I simply photographed my mother throughout the day as she was actually performing these tasks, as opposed to asking her to pose. I did this so that the series would look as natural as possible.

The reason I sought out my mother for this series is that I often look at her as a very different kind of mother. She stays at home all day and is very content with her life and I admire her for being so content given her situation. She has some mobility issues and some other health issues, but she still remains positive. I have also avoided photographing her because I am sometimes embarrassed by her situation, so I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and experiment with photographing her.

Lianna Turone is a photographer who practices in Toronto, Ontario. Her work is a mix of contemporary, documentary, lifestyle and portraiture. Lianna shoots her work on both film and digital. Her work reflects themes of mental health and everyday life, as well as self identity. Lianna enjoys capturing natural candid moments, especially in her portraiture.