Opal Benhanoh

Progression of Self

This project is based on the social anxiety I had growing up and how far I’ve come since then. I used broken up pictures on pieces of glass and stitched them together to make one image. The entire installation is 4 by 6 feet.

The image starts from a negative and slowly turns into a positive image. This progress in the image represents me growing up, and the project as a whole represents me, how far I’ve come and who I am now.

The image is calming and was taken in my childhood home. The image is a self-portrait of me sitting on my couch by a window and a dying rose.

My father has lots of plants in the house and more than half of them are dying. It is a good representation of me as a whole growing up and who I am now. A major part of the piece is in the presentation of this photo.

Opal Benhanoh is a photographer who focuses on film and historical processes. She has an interest in the physicality of a photograph, using materiality in her work and installation-based projects. She most commonly shoots in documentary and portraiture photographic style using a variety of different processes such as 4×5 film, tintypes and ambrotypes. She also has experience working with framing, wooden custom cut pieces, and large mural installations.