Myles Joseph

"Self-Titled" Myles Joseph

My journey through the art of photography first started as a pursuit of knowledge about the world; but as time passed and I began to experience life, it also became a pursuit of knowledge about myself. Taking photos of different people and environments helped me see nuanced details in objects and people that I had never noticed before. Taking self-portraits on the other hand, has forced me to self reflect and discover feelings within myself I did not know I had. I have had many personal struggles with my mental health over the years at Ryerson.

A lot of these experiences have taught me things that I otherwise never would have learned and my perspective on the world around me, along with myself, has changed dramatically. It is often impossible for me to put these feelings into words, but capturing that feeling has always been possible through self-portraits. This series was taken over the course of two months in my house and through the use of primary colour, focus, and texture, I was able to perfectly capture how I felt in each photo.

Myles Joseph is a 22 year-old photographer based in Brampton, Ontario. His interests are mainly composed of fashion, music, and visual arts. Music has been a great influence on Myles’ work, as he primarily draws atmospheric inspiration from the works of such artists as The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. He is also heavily influenced by Cyberpunk aesthetics and culture. He favours using colour and focus control in creative ways in order to isolate his subjects.