Darcy Niemczak

Signs and Symptoms

Both perspective and time have given me the ability to create this body of work in an attempt to grapple with certain experiences in my teenage years—namely, my relationship with my family, and my current reality.

Talking about the sale of my childhood home prompted an urgency within me to document these spaces before I could no longer do so. Photographing the physical spaces in my childhood home has allowed me to analyze how I’ve dealt with trauma from my past.

Alongside this, I have reflected on the interpersonal change within myself. A universal human characteristic is that we are constantly changing, as are the spaces we find ourselves in.

This project represents my favourite parts of my home, the spaces that were used to rehabilitate and heal, the deconstruction of and rebuilding of our home, and the final stages of packing my belongings in preparation for moving on.

Darcy Niemczak is a Toronto-based photographer born in Ottawa. He primarily uses analogue mediums to communicate his ideas, through the means of both portrait and landscape photography. His current practice focuses on natural landscapes around Northern Ontario and how local business in these small towns have been impacted by a variety of factors over the past decade. Darcy’s love for music has led him to producing photo and video works for various artists.