Joshua Moshenberg

The Disconnect

I decided to approach the idea of human connection, as it fluctuates with time. It seems to me that as humans have progressed and evolved, we have found ourselves more connected than ever through technology. Yet on the other hand, it seems we are also at the peak of our most disconnected state.

It’s a very ironic situation and I believe that it will be hard to find the right balance between human connection and digital connection, in order for cell phones to truly bring us together.

As I find myself walking through Toronto, I notice people constantly using their cellphones in the most absurd situations, and it seems to defeat the purpose of truly connecting people. In some cases, I’ve even seen people walking across major roads and intersections while staring down at their phone, completely out of touch with the environment around them.

Joshua Moshenberg is a photographer who prefers to focus his work on photographing concepts that question the human condition. Trying to capture his feelings about what’s going on in the world, Josh thrives upon capturing his subjects.