Cassidy Clemmer

The Human Condition of Nathaniel

The Human Condition of Nathaniel is a collection of images about a boy named Nathaniel and the correlations between him and the words that make up the definition of the human condition: Birth, Growth, Aspiration, Emotion, Conflict, and Mortality. In these images, Nathaniel explores the deeper meaning of himself and his relationships to the words. This was a collaborative piece we worked on together to create a peek into his life and the lovely person he is today. These words mean something to everyone and I hope this project can guide the viewer to reflect on their own life and explore the meanings of these words within.

Cassidy Clemmer is an emerging photographer based in Toronto and Kitchener/ Waterloo. Her photography journey began in high school where she immersed herself in the photographic arts. Stylistically, Cassidy’s work evokes a clean and minimalist approach, working with a refined colour palette. She focuses primarily on portraiture and editorial photography.