Hunter McNeil

The Space Between Us

Human condition is dependent upon characteristics and key events which fabricate the essential elements of human existence: growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, and morality. The Space Between Us creates a dialogue between the different types of growth.

Specifically looking at the idea of growing together while simultaneously growing apart; or constant change. This is depicted through Mariah and Jacob: two high school lovers whose relationship has blossomed into a very real, very present, young adult relationship. The project illustrates how over time the two have grown apart as individuals but also grown together as a whole.

The photos portray a soft window into their relationship. This subtle representation of their relationship leaves the viewer with enough imagination to metaphorically “fill in the gaps” of Mariah and Jacob’s lives, whilst leaving room for self-reflection.

Shot in their home, the two create a warm and inviting space for the viewer. The project depicts growth in a way that can be healthy, inviting, and of good virtue. Furthermore, the project creates an even larger dialogue between subject and viewer, as it leaves the viewer to reflect upon themselves, and spark growth in their own interpersonal relationships.

Hunter McNeil is a Toronto-based contemporary photographer and visual artist. Working in both the digital and analog world, Hunter shoots the majority of her work on analogue, shooting both 35mm and 120mm film. She is best known for her soft, dream-like portraits that exhibit a sense of delicateness. Her work captures themes of human investigation and interactions that present tender and intimate moments.