Abygail De Leon

Three Generations

The relationship between family members can be apparent in attributes such as their physical appearance and culture. My project Three Generations explores this through a physical collage series depicting myself, my mother, and my grandmother.

I wish to show our connection through our physical attributes and our heritage. The element of collage is used to combine our faces
by breaking up certain parts of each image and overlapping them on top of its corresponding feature. By putting together our three images into one we can see the similarities and differences of the physical attributes across three generations.

The background however showcases the different landscapes of each of our home countries as my grandmother is from El Salvador, my mother was born in Guatemala, and I was born in Canada. This creates an interesting dynamic between a foreground that focuses solely on the human subject and a background that emphasizes land. This work represents the human identity through three related women to represent the similarities between this specific family. Even though the art is based on collage work it still focuses on the individual while maintaining how it is a part of a larger connection.

Abygail De Leon’s recent work includes portraiture in addition to themes of family and the “self ” as well as the inclusion of collage work to fuse these elements into one. Furthermore, she wishes to continue working with portraits and mixed media in future projects.