Christina Oyawale

To Be Found

To Be Found investigates my personal archives, specifically images of memories and moments from 2017-2018 during my last years of high school. I focused on the idea of deconstructing the photographs to create a sense of healing and peace from a life that feels foreign. There is a sense of nostalgia present in the images, working as a personal archive in the realm of vernacular photography.

In the art-making process, I pose the question “How can the archive be a means to evaluate the notion of a negative and/or a print as a way of remembering the past?”

The purpose was to connect the missing parts of myself with the feelings of yearning for moments past. I went about this by disrupting moments in the photographs with present-day thoughts and emotions. The associations with the images in the present day differ from those of the past.

Adding paint, cut-and-paste, and writings of internal dialogue bring a tactile aspect to the photographs, which create new narratives in the images.

I worked to sanction space for disability by considering how disabled peoples can experience artistic works that are usually not accessible to them, offering the possibility to experience memories through touch.

Christina Oyawale is a lens-based Toronto artist and designer, who creates work that centres on the experiences of queer identities and marginalized communities. Many of their projects are documentations of radical occupation of space pertaining to the human condition, in regards to human growth, rebirth and investigations of self.