Angel Avramidis


There are various different ways in which humans express their love and affection towards one another. Physical touch is a love language that is shared by many, as building a connection through physical contact with those you love often brings feelings of comfort and safety.

There are many forms of touch that loved ones share; some, such as a hug or a kiss, are obvious, while others are less noticeable, like a hand on a knee or feet touching under a table. People who enjoy physical touch over other love languages look for any reason to keep their body in contact with their loved ones, even in the smallest of forms

I took a minimalist approach to shooting this series, aiming to maintain a clean and soft appearance in the collection as a whole. This series depicts the presence of physical contact in a relationship and the sense of closeness it brings to those involved

Angel Avramidis is a photo-based artist working with themes relating to the beauty of nature, patterns in manmade structures, social commentary, and more. Angel has built her own aesthetic over her years, practicing in fine art and photography. She likes to approach her photo work as she would a painting or a sketch. Her aesthetic tends to be very clean and minimalistic, with limited colour palettes and bright complexions.