Josiah Botting


In this project, titled Veneration, I focused on people in my life that I have great respect and admiration towards. I met up with them in person, and asked them if I could take a couple of photos. In this photo series, my friends have also been asked to fill out a letter. In this letter, I have asked them to write something directed to me through a series of questions.

A few of these questions include: Where and when did we first meet? What’s your favourite memory of us together? Do you have any regrets about our friendship? Do you have any words of encouragement for Josiah?

This letter was then scanned, and included in the project to be read. I then proceeded to fill out the same letter and direct it towards my friends to see how many of our answers lined up.

Based in Alliston, Ontario, Josiah Botting has a passion for photographing concerts and other styles of storytelling. He shoots with a digital camera and edits to replicate the style of film while also experimenting with a distinct and unique editing style in his concert photography. He is influenced by photographers like Johann Arteaga Ramos, Kay Dargen, and Guadalupe Bustos, and aims to become a concert photographer in the future.