Morgan Gerard

Zoom Call

In this piece, my goal was to comedically explore the ways the Zoom platform has altered the way we experience the classroom. As students, we can attend a lecture from anywhere, and this often ends up being in less than optimal spaces for being present in the online classroom. Attending class from the couch, a bed, or even from work isn’t the greatest way to foster focus, but it is common in our new reality since it is convenient and comfortable.

I have set up my own “Zoom Classroom” where I play multiple characters in different settings, all doing things that one may see or do in a Zoom meeting. I want people to recognize the different scenes I add to my work as things they have seen others do or as things they have done themselves. I also put a comedic spin on things as I have heard many funny stories from the “Zoom-sphere,” and I think comedy added to the fact that none of us is really sure how online learning will affect us long term. The Zoom platform is a great way for us to see others, but also a way that we can reflect on ourselves.

Morgan Gerard is a mixed-media artist with a background in photography and visual arts. Her strengths are in digital photography using a DSLR but she uses a variety of approaches such as working with a drone, analogue photography and scanography to create images. She aims to have a visual artist practice with a focus on creating physical artworks.